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Have you tried conventional brand-name hormone replacement therapy with poor results? An effective alternative to traditional hormone replacement is the use of bioidentical hormone pellet therapy. The pellets deliver consistent amounts of the hormones your body needs for months at a time. Howard Liebowitz, MD, with Liebowitz Longevity Medicine in Santa Monica, California, uses bioidentical hormone pellets to treat menopause symptoms in women and loss of energy and sexual function in men. If you want to recapture that youthful energy, call or book an appointment online with Dr. Liebowitz today.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Q & A

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Hormone pellets are small cylindrical capsules the size of a grain of rice containing the bioidentical hormones estradiol and estriol and/or testosterone. Bioidentical hormones, derived from wild yams, have an identical molecular structure to the hormones that your body produces, unlike synthetic hormone replacement.

The pellets are a fast, effective and extremely convenient hormone replacement system. A licensed compounding pharmacist makes the pellets at specified doses requested by the doctor and delivers them in sterile containers to Dr. Liebowitz, who places them under the skin during a quick office procedure.

How are Hormone Pellets Inserted?

Once he numbs the area, Dr. Liebowitz inserts the pellets under the skin in your upper buttocks through a tiny incision. The pellets eventually dissolve and need to be replaced within 4-6 months. The pellets completely dissolve with no residual, do not need to be removed, and once the tiny incision heals in a few days are undetectable under the skin in the fat layer

Men usually require between 6 and 10 testosterone pellets implanted under the skin; only two small pellets (one of estradiol and one of testosterone) are needed for use in women

If Dr. Liebowitz uses estradiol and estriol hormones for women’s therapy, you take cyclical progesterone two weeks each month by oral capsules or vaginal suppository at bedtime.

What are the Benefits of Pellets for Hormone Replacement?

Many women and men receive hormone replacement therapy through creams, pills, or injections. These methods work, but cause the hormone levels in your blood to fluctuate, producing inconsistent results. Hormone fluctuation produces symptoms and side effects that can negate the benefit of the hormone replacement therapy. They can also be messy, inconvenient and occasionally missed by mistake. Topical creams may be inadvertently transferred to other people or pets.

On the other hand, pellets deliver a consistent level of hormones, providing optimal relief from irritating and debilitating menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and insomnia. LIke other hormone replacement therapy, the pellets help you recover lost sexual function by eliminating vaginal dryness and increasing your libido and sexual response.

A huge safety advantage for pellets: they don’t increase the risk of blood clots like synthetic hormone replacement.

Patients who have had trouble with other types of hormone therapy find that pellets provide dramatic improvement in well being and energy. Plus, they are convenient you avoid messy creams and don’t have to remember to take shots.

Are There Side Effects or Risks to Hormone Pellets?

Dr. Liebowitz uses bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The pellets don’t carry the same risk of breast cancer as brand-name synthetic oral estrogens, which are not bioidentical. They also don’t include the chemical progestins that increased the risk of breast cancer in the Women’s Health Initiative study.

You may have temporary breast tenderness, which resolves on its own. The good news is your body firms up, muscles and bone density increase, and fat tissue decreases.

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