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    "He is patient and kind and nonjudgmental. I never felt my questions were disregarded and have always felt he listened to my concerns."

    Robin S.
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    "Dr. Liebowitz is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I appreciate his expertise and commitment to improving his patient's quality of life."

    Kimberly S.
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    "He has a passion for helping every single one of his patients lead long and healthy lives, and has never given me medical advice or treatment that has not worked."

    Alexandra N.
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    "Dr. Liebowitz is caring and no nonsense. Above all else he is smart, inventive and knows his field well. His front desk staff makes the whole visit seamless."

    D. T.
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    "Dr. Liebowitz is amazing! His medical background along with his knowledge of longevity make him the place to go to feel your best. He can solve any issues."

    Kimber R.
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    "Dr. Liebowitz is amazing! he's so knowledgeable about the body --both from 20 years of being an ER doc, plus knowing functional medicine."

    Karen L.
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    "He's always been on time, very respectful, more knowledgeable than most doctors, and friendly and caring. I live in NoCal, but seeing him is worth the drive to SoCal."

    Vicki W.
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    "Under his care I feel younger, healthier and stronger than I have in years, and I now recommend Dr. Liebowitz to all my friends, both male and female."

    Joseph R.
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