Ozone in the World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo

Ozone has made it’s way into the World Cup! Said to be one of the best soccer players alive, Cristiano Ronaldo uses ozone to quicken his recovery.

Have you ever wondered how these professional athletes can get out there on the field day after day and give it "their all" without falling apart?

Here is one of their best kept secrets, that is readily available to all of us.

An interesting article recently appeared in a Spanish Journal that talks about Cristiano Ronaldo and his use of ozone,

"Among the supposed benefits of its injection is an improvement in microcirculation, vascularization and tissue oxygenation, as well as work as an antimicrobial agent, anti-inflammatory and stimulation of the body's defenses, and a protection against cellular aging."

As we know, ozone can be used for a variety of things including boosting the immune system, modulating immune responses, decreasing inflammation, purifying water(jacuzzis and swimming pools), sterilizing operating rooms,
making ozone oil, eradicating odor, and even as an aid to world-class athletes!

Ozone has the most amazing healing properties of anything I have ever dealt with. I am impressed every day as to how it helps my patients.

And now we are seeing its benefits stretching into the world of high performance athletes.

If you haven't already done so, check out my informational videos on how I perform ozone treatments and how this phenomenal treatment works for so many conditions, including health maintenance and anti aging.

Howard Liebowitz MD Board certified three times as an Emergency Medicine Specialist, Dr. Liebowitz now focuses on replacing missing hormones with bio identical hormones for men and women, as well as all forms of Ozone therapy

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