Ozone Effectiveness

First of all, they are toxic to bacteria, viruses, yeast and cancer cells, but completely harmless to normal cells. In addition to that, they have a powerful effect on up regulating and boosting the immune system.

While these treatments are helping to eradicate these abnormal cells from the body, they simultaneously boost the immune system to add a double whammy to the attack.

These treatments are easy to do in the office. They take about 30 to 40 minutes. Most people start to feel better almost immediately.

An intravenous line is started on the arm. Blood is extracted through the tubing into a sterile bottle or bag. The blood is then exposed to either pure ozone gas or the ultraviolet light source as it is being returned to the patient.

In addition to using Ozone and UVBI for treating specific illnesses, many people opt to receive treatments on a “maintenance” schedule as part of a healthy ageing program to keep their immune systems as robust as possible.

I also see many patients for these oxidative treatments at the earliest sign of a cold or flu. Often, if the virus has not had time to get ‘established’, they can be eliminated completely after one treatment. An excellent treatment for “Flu” is the UVBI treatment followed by intravenous vitamin C. Many patients will come in for routine maintenance treatments monthly just for prevention.

Howard Liebowitz MD Board certified three times as an Emergency Medicine Specialist, Dr. Liebowitz now focuses on replacing missing hormones with bio identical hormones for men and women, as well as all forms of Ozone therapy

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